Winchester Walk in Bath Tubs

Here at Baker Bathrooms, our range of walk-in baths have been designed by experts to enable you to bath in a safe environment whilst in the comfort of your Winchester home. All our baths are equipped with a range of safety features to reduce the risk of slips and falls during bathing. They feature inward opening doors that allow easy, low-level access to the tub and slip-resistant surfaces to minimise the chances of slipping, even when the area is wet.

Our baths have been designed with the user in mind. With a walk-in bath, individuals can bathe on their own without having to be assisted into the bath or risk injury trying to climb over a standard bath side on their own. Giving users back their independence and returning the enjoyment to your relaxing bath time!

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A full sized walk-in bath with integral, low-level contoured seat. Allows for easier standing and sitting whilst still letting you sit back and stretch out in comfort. Temperature controlled mixer taps as standard.


A full sized, flat base (without integral seat) walk-in bath. Can be used by anyone in the household and fits most bath lifts. Low entry point for easy access and temperature controlled mixer taps as standard.


The Leven walk-in bath comes in a compact design with an integral, moulded seat to help maintain an upright position, ideal for small bathrooms. Temperature controlled mixed taps come as standard.


A full sized walk-in bath with an in-built powered seat to rise and lower you in comfort and safety. With a full battery back-up and easy to use operation. Temperature controlled mixer taps as standard.

Mobility Bathroom Installers in Winchester

Are you having difficulty getting in and out of your existing bath and don't want to replace it with a shower? Walk in baths are the ideal solution!

The walk-in bathtub style allows you to take a relaxing bath without the risk of slipping when climbing over the side of the bath. If stepping over the bath side is the only problem, then a full-length walk-in bath could be your product of choice. If you need a little help to get down into the bath we offer tubs with a built-in chair lift.

If you're based in Winchester or the surrounding area and looking for a reliable walk-in bathtub installer, call Baker Bathrooms today on 0800 170 0194 to request a free, no obligation, home visit.

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